Jefferson Township Little League

Jefferson Twp, PA

October 21, 2018 Minutes


Gregg Boettinger

John Havenstrite

Brian Bray

Caitlin Alunni

Kristy Egner

Alison McHale

Glenn Lesh

George Bell

Meeting 7:06pm


· Introduction of new board members. Gregg thanked the board members from last year

for their help to the league

· Nov 7th is the District City County dinner.

Treasurer Report

· PPL bill was approved to be paid.

· Bill from East Scranton Little league. It was agreeded to give East Scranton $200.00 for

the 3 players from Jefferson that played on the teener team.

Player Agent Report

· Fall ball overview of season

o 13 Softball players played for Jefferson and 1 minor player played in Dickson City.

o Board reviewed any feedback and discussed how to make fall season progress

o Gregg reminded the coaches that all equipment will need to be returned


· Items needed for next year was discussed.

· Menu items were discussed and will be finalized closer to the season.

· It was agreed to continue Orkin Pest for next year.

Safety Report

· Glenn Lesh will take the AED needs home for the winter

· First Aid kits need to be checked before new season

· Thinking about first aid / CPR training date and location. Alison McHale to coordinate a


· Background checks / child abuse paperwork – Mandate any adult that will be in contact

with kids

Fundraising Report

· Signs sponsor letters sent out early and follow up with calls if not in person

· does a card with vendors local and franchise. It was discussed to see

what they would include in our area.

· Wilkes –Barre Penguins night in March

· Other Ideas

Field improvements

· Fields need a lot of attention for both now and going into next year, look at possible

person / persons that has the time

· Field / Hut / Winterize clean-up for Nov 3rd from 9a-2pm

2018 Spring Ball:

o Review packets from last year and look at online see what worked and what needs

to be tweaked

§ Have signup sheets for parents to help out / come up with dates

o Still playing in the Valley league: Archbald has been added as a league and central

city has been removed

o Teenier team

Old Business:

· Review of by-laws

New Business:

· Coming up with a budget of some sort

· It was discussed and voted on that Brian Bray will be Concession Manager and George

Bell will be the player agent.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20pm