Jefferson Township Little League

Jefferson Twp, PA

November 18, 2018 Minutes


Gregg Boettinger

John Havenstrite

Brian Bray

Caitlin Alunni

Kristy Egner

Alison McHale

Glenn Lesh

George Bell

Meeting 7:08pm


Treasurer Report

· PPL and Little League Charter was paid.-Motion to pay bills was by Brian Bray, John Havenstrite seconded it.

Player Agent Report

· The charter included 13 teams preliminarily.


· Nothing to report at this time.

Safety Report

· First Aid kits need to be filled.

· First aid / CPR training will be March 2nd, 2019

· Background checks / child abuse paperwork will be requested early so it is processed.

Fundraising Report

· Signs sponsor letters will be sent out after Thanksgiving

· Comedy night need to confirm date during baseball season. Looking for parents to help.

· Wilkes –Barre Penguins night in March

· Possible big ball/softball tournament

Field Improvements

· Repair / replace gutters in spring need to request quotes

· Repair / replace wood around hut or weather treat, need to request quotes

· Equipment is needed. The follow was approved to be purchased. Glenn Lesh motioned, Caitlin Alunni second.

    o 2-Field rakes at a cost around $85

    o 1-7ft Drag broom with Steel Teeth at a cost around $249

    o 1-3 base weather tarps at a cost around$240

2018 Spring Ball:

· Review packets from last year and online to see if any changes are needed

· Little League signups will be December 15th during basketball picture day.

· Get permission from school for a couple Saturdays for signups in January

· Equipment needed

    § Tees

    § Pitching machine - Jugs PS50 Perfect Strike Pitching Machine

    § Balls for machine -Perfect Strike™ PS-50 softballs (12180465)

Off season conditioning:

· It was discussed that the little league will have conditioning during the winter.

New Business:

Meeting Adjourned at 8:27pm