Jefferson Township Little League

Jefferson Twp, PA

May 21,  2017 Minutes

Important Dates:

Jefferson Parade-June 8 at 7pm (arrive at 6pm)

Next Monthly Meeting Sunday June 18th at 7pm at the Hut

JTLL Carnival Fun Day-Saturday July 8 @ 1pm-4pm at the Main Field

May Monthly Meeting



Gregg Boettinger

Kristy Egner

John Havenstrite

Alison McHale

Brian Bray

Melissa Keiser

Tom Edwards


Meeting started at 5:43pm


Treasurers Report

There are no outstanding bills.

Concessions Report

Alison McHale requested a hut parent for each team.  All coaches if you haven’t already done so please forward to Alison.

For the 2018 season we will discuss purchasing supplies with Smokin Joes.

Safety Report

There is nothing to report.

Fundraising Report

It was discussed to sell parent shirts with color to match their child’s team. 

It was discussed to have a fundraising day at Shop Rite in Daleville on a weekend in the summer months.

Spring Photos

All photos have been done.

General Items

Jason Antidormi stepped down as player agent due to moving out of state.  Gregg motioned to have Brian Bray as player agent.  Alison McHale second the motion.

Paul Scott has proposed to mow the main field once a week for $20 per visit.  John Havenstrite motioned to approve, Tom Edwards second the motion.

There was discussion about putting mulch, stone or a retaining wall on the hill.  This will be reviewed further at the next meeting.

JTLL membership is only $5 for the year.  Anyone who is interested please see Barb Boettinger.

We will have a Carnival Fun Day on July 8thfrom 1pm-4pm.  There will be face painting and other fun carnival games.  Alison McHale will organize. Metals will be given to the children. 

We are looking for volunteers to weed wack and mow the sides of the field.  Anyone interested in volunteering their time, please contact Gregg Boettinger.

We will be possibly be hosting an couple All Star games.  We will need many volunteers.

Meeting adjourned at 6:51pm