Jefferson Township Little League

Jefferson Twp, PA

March 19, 2017 Minutes

Important Dates:

First Aid and CPR Class- April 1st at 3pm at the JT Ambulance Building (Please RSVP for class to Tom Edwards by March 30th at 570-614-9442)

Field Clean Up-April 8th @ 9am at the Main Field, Rain Date April 9th

**Monthly Meeting and Uniform Pick Up-April 9th @ 7pm at the Jefferson Lions Club Hall

Opening Day-April 23rd @ 2pm (Full Uniform)

Team Pictures-Week of April 24th , exact date and time to be determined.

March 19th, 2017 Monthly Meeting Minutes:

Gregg Boettinger

Barb Boettinger

Kristy Egner

John Havenstrite

Alison McHale

Jason Antidormi

Tom Edwards

Meeting Started at 7:06pm by Gregg Boettinger

Treasurers Report-

· All bills have been paid and approved.

· A bill for $120 for the umpire coordinator was approved to be paid.

Concessions Report-

· No report at this time.

First Aide Report-

· 45 background reports have been processed by Tom Edwards.

· First Aid and CPR Class has been set up for April 1 at 3pm at the Jefferson Twp. Ambulance Building. At least one manager or coach from each team needs this certification.

· The battery from the AED needs to be replaced. Tom Edwards will be purchasing the battery and will get reimbursed.

Fundraising Report-

· We are looking for sponsors:

o Sign Sponsors are $100

o Team Sponsor (includes Sign)-$350

o Scoreboard Sponsor (there are 4 squares)-$250 per square

o Hat Sponsor-$150

· We received 3 bids from photographers. The bids were from Colographics, Sandy K and Melissa Siquenza. Motion was made by Alison McHale and seconded by Tom Edwards to select Melissa Siquenza.

· Railriders game in June-More information to follow

Field Improvements-

· Once weather breaks Fischer Brothers and Rizzo Fencing will be completed.

· The roof of the hut and dugouts will be fixed once weather breaks.

· Fence Cap was reviewed. A motion by Kristy Egner, seconded by Tom Edwards to select the premium style, color red. It will be ordered this week so it is ready for opening day.

· It was mentioned that the field liner need to be replaced and rakes are need. At the next meeting it will be discussed further.

Spring Registration-

· There were 29 Tball, 15 softball, 23 coach pitch and 11 minors registered to date

· Coaches were reviewed and approved by the board (motion by Gregg Boettinger and seconded by Jason Antidormi)

o John Havenstrite- Tball

o Jason Berry- Tball

o Caitlin Alunni- Tball

o Jenn Pionzio-Tball

o Mike Bell-Coach Pitch

o Melissa Keiser-Softball

· We are still looking for a Coach Pitch and Minors coach.

· Umpire cost is $50.

· As it looks now,

o TBall will be playing Tuesday or Thursday at the Municipal Field, and Saturdays at the Main Field.

o Coach Pitch will be playing on Wednesday and Saturday. They will be playing Throop, Olyphant, Dickson City, Carbino and Central City. Season to start April 29th.

o Minors will be playing on Tuesday and Friday. They will be playing Throop, Olyphant, Dickson City, Carbino and Central City. Season to start April 10th.

o Softball schedule is still being worked on.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm (motion by Jason Antidormi, seconded by Alison McHale)