Jefferson Township Little League

Jefferson Twp, PA

January 6, 2019 Minutes


Gregg Boettinger

Barb Boettinger

Graig Arcurie

John Havenstrite

Caitlin Alunni

Kristy Egner

Alison McHale

George Bell

Meeting 7:01pm

Review of previous month meeting:

§ No comments or changes.


§ CPR / First Aid training will be at the Jefferson Ambulance Building on March 2nd at 9am

Treasurer Report

· Bills to be paid-PPL.

Player Agent Report

· Several flyers were sent out for registration. Kristy will put a facebook notice about early registration.

· Evaluation dates and times

o Evaluations will be March 13,14 and 15 from 6-8pm at Rail Riders indoor facility

· Practice locations and tentative start date

o Kristy will reach out to the Sandlot to see what they have available.


· Updates-Brian is looking into different food choices and limiting the menu.

Safety Report

· CPR / First Aid training will be March 2nd.

Fundraising Report

· Comedy Night

· It was discussed and determined we will do the lottery tickets again this season. Caitlin motioned, Barb

seconded the motion.

· Signs, team, and hat sponsors. We have 2 team and 3 sign sponsors.

Field improvements

o Equipment previously approved will need to purchase-Kristy will purchase any required item.

o Tractors were winterized.

2019 Spring Ball:

o Gregg will schedule a meeting to play in the Valley again this year.

o Trying to get older players for junior and senior divisions.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:55pm