Jefferson Township Little League

Jefferson Twp, PA

August 19, 2018 Minutes

Important Dates:

Next Monthly Meeting -September 16, 2018 @ 7pm at the Hut

Gregg Boettinger
John Havenstrite
Kristy Egner
Caitlin Alunni
Alison McHale
Brian Bray
Barb Boettinger

Meeting Started at 7:03pm by Gregg Boettinger

Treasurers Report-

  • The following bills are  paid, Tuscan Gardens, PPL and Orkin. 

Concessions Report
  • Nothing to report at this time.

Safety Report-

  • There was only one incidence all season.  All paperwork was filled out.

Fundraising Report-

  • Discussions of a Purse Bingo, Paint Night, Mystery Night and Comedy Night were discussed. 
  • July Lotto was a success.

Field Improvements-

  • Nothing to report at this time.
  • Need to pick date to winterize the hut.  Caparo plumbing to come and winterize.

Fall Registration-

  • Softball-We have a team for the fall season.
  • Baseball Kid Pitch- We have one player playing at Dickson City.

2018-2019 Board Member Nominations are as follows: 

All nominations are opened for 30 days and will be voted in at our next meeting.  If you would like to nominate anyone for the following positions, please email the league or contact us through the website by Sept 15th.

  • President: Gregg Boettinger
  • Vice President: John Havenstrite
  • Treasurer: Caitlin Alunni
  • Secretary: Kristy Egner
  • Player Agent: Brian Bray
  • Safety Officer:Glenn Lesh
  • Fundraiser: Barbra Boettinger
  • Concession: Alison McHale

Meeting adjourned at 8:16pm (motion by Alison McHale, seconded by Brian Bray)