Jefferson Township Little League

Jefferson Twp, PA

April 9, 2017 Minutes

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Important Dates:

***May 21-Monthly Meeting, 5:30pm at the Hut (please note the time change)

April monthly meeting called to order at 7:04pm



Gregg Boettinger    Barb Boettinger

Jason Antidormi    John Havenstrite

Alison Mchale     Melissa Keiser

Tom Edwards     Michael Boyle

Missy Davis     


Bills to be paid:

B. Antidormi: $19.02 tractor parts and $133.34 home depot for bathroom paint.

G. Boettinger: $88.49 water supplies, and coffee for cpr class

A. Mchale:$33.02 cleaning supplies

T. Edwards: $179.14 AED battery


We need to order AED pads.

Player agent: 

We have 37 t-ball kids we have 4 teams, one girls softball team of 15, one minor team of 15, and 25 coach pitch kids one with 12 and the other with 13 kids. All coaches will receive an email of paperwork needed and binders will be ready at a later date.


The stand will be finished being cleaned on April 17th. Drinks are good till 2018. A hut parent is needed for each team. 

Presidents meeting will be on April 10th. 

Opening day plans if anyone has a contact with American Legion for opening day ceremonies. Contacted J. Patterson about parade route and was informed that PennDOT needs 3 month notice inorder to shut down road so will have kids walk from JEC upper parking lot to field. It is scheduled for April 30th at 1pm.


Back ground checks are done. 1st aid kit we are waiting to see if we can get something donated.


Pre-existing signs are $100. New signs will be $125. Tentative pictures will be the week of April 24th. Perkins night out produced $36.20. Dicks donated $200. $100 gift card and $100 check. We still are doing fundraiser with Massage Works if anyone is interested in purchasing gift cards she will give us a percentage back. Maybe we can do beef sticks we would get .35c to .40C back profit.

Field maintenance: 

Fence project holes are dug. Batting cages are up. Water is on after 5 broken pipes. E. Jenkins (LLC) thank you!!! He is also doing the roof.  Field clean up was today thank you everyone who helped. Bathrooms are clean and will be painted this week, thanks to Brenda. D. Wallace is being contacted for dynotax. Maybe we can look into buying paper towel machines at Sams for the bathroom.

Tball schedule will be made up by J. Havenstrite. Each team will have two games each week.  Uniforms are in for girls softball, minors and both coach pitch teams. 

Field liner needs to be purchased from amazon for $238. Purchase of two rakes for $58.

Maybe we can revamp the application process for next year.

Fall-ball we can see if enough kids would be interested.

Thank you for all the support from the community.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm