Jefferson Township Little League

Jefferson Twp, PA

April 7, 2019 Minutes


Gregg Boettinger

John Havenstrite

Kristy Egner

Caitlin Alunni

Brian Bray

George Bell

Graig Arcurie

PJ Egner

Meeting 7:07pm

Review of previous month meeting:

§ No comments or changes.


§ We received 3 applications for the George Jones memorial scholarship. After reviewing and voting by

the board it was determined Darius Powell would receive the scholarship.

Treasurer Report

· Bills to be paid-PPL.

Player Agent Report

· Softball schedule was completed. There are 8 minor teams playing in the district.

· Minors Baseball will play Tuesday and Friday and will start April 9th.

· Coach pitch Baseball will play Wednesday and Saturday

· Player count:

o TBall-26

o Baseball Coach Pitch-24

o Baseball Minors-13

o Softball Coach Pitch-20

o Softball Minors-15


· Umpire fee is $50. The hat shall be passed during the 4th inning.

· Brian Bray reported that the hut is ready for the first game.

· Sams Club we will be getting candy and beverages.

· US Foods will supply the hot dogs, hamburgers and buns.

· Main Source will be where we get the big league chew.

Safety Report

· None at this time.

Fundraising Report

· Comedy Night – will take place on May 10th at 7pm. There will be a happy hour buffet.

· July Lotto tickets

Field improvements

· There is wood in the dugout that will need to be fixed.

· There will be dirt delivered on April 18 for the upper softball field.

2019 Spring Ball:

· Opening Day and photos is April 13th. A schedule by team will be sent out. There will donations for the

food pantry taken and the team with the most items will win a team pizza party.

New Business:

· June 29th will be the end of the year fun day. This will be held at 1pm.

· PJ Egner addressed the board to discuss potentially doing his eagle scout project at the little league field.

He suggested providing fencing on the hill that would provide safety. The board requested PJ to come

with some ideas for fencing for the next meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:25pm