Jefferson Township Little League

Jefferson Twp, PA

April 15, 2018 Minutes

Important Upcoming  Dates:

  • May Monthly Meeting-May 20th at 7pm at the Hut


April Monthly Meeting Minutes- April 15, 2018



Gregg Boettinger

Barb Boetttinger

John Havenstrite

Alison McHale

Graig Arcurie

Brian Bray

Kristy Egner


Meeting started at 7:03pm

Previous meeting minutes approved by Barb Boettinger, seconded by Alison McHale.



  • We are looking for volunteers to mow the Lions Club Field.
  • All are welcome to join are monthly meetings.

Treasurers Report-

  • Outstanding bills are for Gregg Boettinger for miscellaneous field supplies, Caparos Plumbing and Battaglias. Approved to be paid.
  • PPL is autopay.

Concessions Report-

  • Hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks were given out during opening day.
  • All supplies were purchased for opening day.

Safety Report-

  • No safety report at this time.

Fundraising Report-

  • July Lotto is in progress.We need to sell 1000 tickets. Looking to sell at Shoprite or during the fire company carnival.
  • Looking for additional ideas for fundraisers.
  • Additional sign sponsors.

Field Improvements-

  • Bean Clay was delivered and is being installed as volunteers have time.
  • New back stop was installed.
  • Kristy Egner proposed purchasing a pallet of field conditioner/field dry.John Havenstrite seconded the motion.

Spring Season-

  • We purchased two sets of catchers gear for coach pitch and one for minors.We will be purchasing softball catchers gear in the next month.
  • New bats were purchased for coach pitch and minors.
  • 2 Dozen practice balls were distributed.
  • 2 game balls per scheduled game were distributed.Additional are in the hut.
  • Score books were handed out.

New Business-

  • Opening day was a success.We received 401 food pantry items for the Cortez food bank.
  • Thank you notes to Jefferson Twp Fire Department and VFW were sent thanking them for their support.
Meeting adjourned at 8:01 (motion made by John Havenstrite, seconded by Brian Bray)